A Brighter Future Through Us.

I’m concerned.

I’m concerned because I’m one that gets all sorts of feels for the general well-being of others. It genuinely bothers me when I look around and I see folks who are struggling beyond measure. People who feel like no matter what they do, they can never get ahead; never “retire”.

Struggle and hardship can be beautiful. It makes life sweet once we overcome. It puts things into perspective when we breach our obstacles. We feel love because the journey that brought us to that point, although not easy, is typically worth it.

And that is why I want to talk about that journey.

Every life is obviously different and there is a different twist and turn that each of us experiences that makes us all unique.. but there is a key similarity that caused me to write this post.

This observation of mine shows me that we are not different. We are one. We can not thrive while others perish. We need to stand together, forge ahead together; because without all, we are none.

It is of my belief and understanding that I don’t matter. Jacob, myself, does not matter. My existence is a temporary flash in the flow of time, and when it’s time for myself to pass, then I’ll go. Nothing special.. nothing too different from those who have come before and those after.

I feel this way because our fierce individuality is like a cancer. Achieving “great” things that can be measured with numbers gives us a false sense of “making it”. This euphoria in a winner/loser world creates a cutthroat environment which effectively separates us from our global community.

Now consider all the possibilities where you could give more than you receive. This can be through money, energy, love, time, etc; (notice the last three – minus etc 😉- are the most valuable). Material items come and go, but the way you make someone feel; that lasts forever.

Think collectively. As a whole, we’re truly sensational. This can only be achieved by searching, and being made aware of those outside of ourselves. Further than our families, friend groups, towns and every other made up border in “existence”. Don’t let these human-made borders stop your love.

One could, (should) argue that this flash of existence that we share should be enjoyable for all. We have the ability as a world, as a global, and national society to provide the means to be happy.. to be content and fulfilled with our lives upon arriving to our conclusion.

Everyone’s journey is different, but something that we oh so often forget is that we are more the same than anything else. What ties us together as a team is far greater than what divides us.

Although this seems obvious, I feel as if this point itself is so easily forgotten. How could it not? Look around! There is so much emphasis on differences and separation and fear. It’s truly devastating.

In a world that is so far technologically advanced in the 21st century, why do people feel so far apart? So lonely? So helpless? So in need of mental health experts who do their best to console us in a society that seems to be trying to beat us down and tear us apart? *We need to vastly subsidize mental health professionals because they’re essential. They are not just for the people who have doctor’s notes.*

I look around and my heart hurts. This isn’t a new finding. I’ve observed this my whole life. This reality isn’t a good one, one that I cannot support.

It saddens me to see people this way.

I ask myself, how.. what.. why.. ??

How can we be so cruel? How can we dehumanize? What/who created a system that pulls us apart and targets our weaknesses rather than building each other up – as global citizens.

Most importantly, how can we get to the bottom of this crisis? The “us” vs “them” mentality will never create anything good for the whole. We need to create a more fulfilling and closer world.

I don’t have all the answers, but we do.

You and I, AND them. We’re amazing. And we need your help, and theirs as well.

Don’t be scared of “them”. They are actually just “us”, but as their own souls. They’re not strangers; just friends we haven’t met yet. Just some folks trying to get by like the rest of us. Welcome them into your life, I dare ya 💚

Don’t be afraid. Don’t alienate people and cultures that you don’t know. Fear allows you to be controlled and make decisions that are unhealthy for both yourself and those that you fear. Wars are waged based on fear – the fear of the unknown. Spread love instead. Accept it as well 💚

My personal story has been riddled with fear. My whole life as been cultivated in the belief that there are countless bad people out there – all around us. Staying within the comfort zone will take you far, because you put yourself in jeopardy once you venture to new horizons.

I’m here to tell you that this mindset, in my experience, is crippling. It not only disables the individual, but it paralyzes the world.

I’ve dabbled in some traveling in my early/mid twenties, and although I tried to pack minimally, I was always told to make sure I saved some space for fear. “The world is a dangerous place”, “don’t trust anyone”, “I feel uncomfortable with you leaving home”… I could go on, but I’d rather not.

I acknowledge that it is naive to say that everyone in the world is safe and people with bad intentions don’t exist.

Yet, as a whole, I will fight this “people are bad” mindset until I die. Furthermore, let’s not forget that people we don’t know are also people, and just not numbers/statistics. This also pertains to future generations so it’s imperative that create a better world for them.

I encourage you to pressure what you hear.

Experience new people, places, hobbies, ANYTHING!

What we see today is a lot of name calling, fear mongering, and sheer separation between our very species. Regardless of what’s shown in modern day propaganda, most people have the same loving hearts – no one truly desires to be mean and hateful. Whether it be out of fear or discomfort.. our lives are coerced by that wrong energy. LET’S CHANGE THAT RHETORIC!

We have the power to say no. To allow ourselves to question the “reality” we were born into. To generate our own path, and not the path that people have convinced you to be the right one. Tradition does not mean it’s right.

Take authority of your own life and stand up to the hatred.

Everyone, and I say everyone should have a good quality life from start to end. We need to look out for each other; From. Start. To. End.

You see, we can get through anything together. When we combine our strengths and lift each other up, we can accomplish literally anything.

My heart mourns for all those that were left behind/being left behind. My heart is excited because I know people like you are out there offering a hand to those facing hardship. There are people like you who are out there fighting for a good quality life for all. These are the people that we need to join and support. Lives depend on it.

Challenge yourself and try to learn about your friends, neighbors and those from different walks of life. Make your own determination. You’ll see. We mostly all want the same things. We want everyone to be happy and healthy. Let this desire govern not only our words, but our actions as well.

If we allow ourselves to become distracted by misleading media and rumors; we’re going to be lost. Gain the true understanding. Education is power and you my friend, have more power than you’ll ever imagine.

We’re in this together 💚

I guess I’m here to tell you that you’re not incapable; you’re more than capable. You’re not just enough; you’re more than enough. You’re not lost; you know exactly what you want and with enough heart and determination, you can achieve anything your mind can possibly imagine, especially when it’s in the name of love. Because after all; that energy.. that genuine compassion and consideration for understanding and the betterment of your fellow human beings; that’s the greatest force on earth. I’m just asking for you to harness it, and watch the magic unfold.

Remember my friend, fear and hate don’t stand a chance because there isn’t a “you or me”; only us.. all of us.

Thank you for joining the team 🌏🌎🌍🏳️‍🌈💚☮️🕊️

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