The Day I Saw An Angel

Life is full of surprises. We do our best to plan things out, set ourselves up, and be prepared (the best we can) for anything that comes our way.

Because of this uncertainty and unbeknownst potential for things to change in a split second, it’s important to live your best life. Put yourself into a setting you enjoy, and around those who bring out the best in you.

For me, I enjoy slow. So when I heard about a town called Bellingen that was very slow with super chill vibes, I knew I had to go there.

I saw her, the angel, on my second day of exploring this town.

She must have been in her mid 20’s, sitting on the steps of a music store with her dog by her side. People kept stopping to pet her furry friend, and all the while, ever since I first noticed her, she had been smiling.

I was across the street and about 8 stores down when I saw her glow. To be honest, I was stopped in my tracks.

After about 30 seconds of being in awe, and realizing her aura was on a different level, I knew I had to meet her.

I made my way across the street, and in her direction because you just don’t pass these opportunities up. This girl had something going on and I needed to know what it was.

On my way, I passed a boy whom was about 12 years old, busking with his guitar on the sidewalk. I could only listen for about 10 seconds because I didn’t want to miss learning from this girl. I hastily dropped a few dollars in his guitar case, and moved on.

I arrived to the steps she was sitting and without wasting any time, I asked if I could sit down. She replied “of course” and I immediately transitioned into why I was there.

“I happened to notice your smile from all the way up the street. Why are you so happy?”, I asked.

She looked at me, and with a smile replied, “why not?”.

That’s super fair, and I love that response. It isn’t limiting at all especially in comparison to when you ask yourself “why?”. But, I had to delve deeper.

“Well, what did you do today? Because whatever it was, it couldn’t have been a bad time”, I said.

Then she went on to telling me that her and her boyfriend just got back from a weekend in Never Never which is an area in Dorrigo National Park.

I personally heard a lot about this place and part of why I came to this town was for the possibility to explore it as well. So I chimed in,

“I heard Never Never is beautiful”.

That’s when she lost her smile. No joke. Wiped clean off her face.

Without hesitation, staring straight into my eyes, she reacted,
“It isn’t beautiful… It’s beyond beautiful… It’s out of this world.”

What a sigh of relief that was πŸ˜‚ (nobody wants to take anyone’s smile away).
I was sold. I needed to go visit this place.

But more importantly, the only time I saw this girl not smiling was after I told her a place nearby was described as “beautiful” when it was so much more.

And so was she.

She was so much more than that glowing smile noticed from a distance.

Over the next few minutes of our conversation, I learned how profound her view on life was. She was simple, and appreciated the little things. Sitting on those steps provided all the joy she needed because she was there, in that moment without distraction. Her world was limitless.

Her boyfriend proceeded to exit the store. I expressed that it was my pleasure to have that conversation, and the two with their dog made their way down the street.

I felt very enriched by those 5-7 minutes.


Something that I didn’t mention earlier is that she was wearing shorts and a tank top because it was a nice warm day. Upon initially arriving to the steps, I noticed that her arms and legs were covered with old scars, all in perfectly straight lines – probably 25-30 per appendage.

Everyone’s life is different. It isn’t fair to compare yourself to others. The truth is, everyone has something going on. An internal battle being fought. Things we’re not proud of… A whole big work in progress.

Truth is, I don’t know this girl’s history. I didn’t even catch her name.. but I did catch her smile, and for that I’m forever grateful.

As we make our way through these times with Coronavirus, I just want to remind you that we’re all in this together. No matter the state of the world, good or bad, be good to each other. Uplift all. Assist those that don’t even seem to need it – feelings aren’t skin deep. Those who are angry or upset or mean.. they may just need someone’s help . Spread love and kindness because in the end, they’re the only things that really even matter.

You can, even temporarily, be someone’s sunshine. Don’t underestimate the power of your smile – share it with the world. Trust me when I say the impact is immeasurable πŸ’š

– ☺️

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