Do You Want A Million Dollars?

I type these words as I sit here with an upset stomach.

We (anyone who researches actions needed for financial security) tend to see articles or books stating the steps needed to attain/earn one million dollars. You need to save this much each year.. You need to put your money in ______.. You have to cut your spending on ____.. The list goes on.

So what actually is a million dollars? Besides being a number representing great wealth, it seems to be a threshold in today’s society for a point in which to achieve.

I personally find great joy in trying to save that extra buck, so I can invest it in hopes of a secure, and free future. This may be a byproduct of my joy for the board game Monopoly growing up. I mean, let’s face it, it’s hard to find people who actually want to play Monopoly, so it’s caused me to just play my own financial game in real life.

So what’s up with my stomach?

To be honest, I always feel pretty sick after amassing something of great wealth. I apologize for the misleading title of this article because a million dollars is quite the understatement.

To explain further (in order to clear up any confusion 😈), in my article Want Success and Happiness? Go Get Rejected!, I mentioned how a young Italian couple had picked me up (in Australia) while I was hitchhiking. That was in late April, and now I sit at their table using their laptop in early October conveying this message to you.

That’s over 5 months.

Over 5 months of kindness and generosity for a guy they met on the side of the road.

They helped me find a job, drove me to, and from work, took me on trips to explore the area, welcomed me as a part of their dinners, and provided me with anything and everything that I needed to be successful. They never asked much of me. Just help with some chores around the house to make their very busy lives easier. To put things into perspective, the amount of help they asked for was BEYOND modest.

Why would they do this?.. Or as many people would put it “what’s the catch?”

The answer is that of a result of a complicated journey. I notice this time and time again – hardships mold individuals into the most caring, generous, selfless people you could possibly imagine. They’ve had it tough, they know what it’s like to endure struggles, and now it’s their way of paying it forward because if they can alleviate any weight off of the shoulders of others, they will. They will without skipping a beat because they recollect their story. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many people I’ve witnessed in the past 5+ months being helped by my newfound family here in Australia.

Service to others is the most important thing we can do. Love, compassion, and a helping hand goes a long way.

That’s where the wealth comes from my friends. The sum of all the money in your bank account is just a number. This number is must less significant when you consider the number of people you have the opportunity to help on a daily basis.

Now, you may not have a million dollars, but this is a tried and tested way to personally feel like a million bucks.

My friends whom I said goodbye to tonight are my peers. They also struggle every single day, don’t have a lot of money (they just get by), and they are investing everything they can into a country/future that is more promising than the one they came from.

Yet to me, they are millionaires.

What else could they possibly be with hearts of gold such as theirs?

Now come on! Why the weird feeling in my stomach?!?

It’s obviously love.

I’m not a doctor, but you can call me Dr. Jacob because I’ve figured this out-

In the past 5+ months, the amount of love I’ve received has been endless. Frankly, I can’t handle this much so the only cure is to pass it on to others, so I can bring myself back to a more sustainable/manageable level.

I have been lucky to have received so many positive interactions from others in my time, and I have to say that this act of pure kindness has hit me right in the center of my heart.

I want to say “thank you for being my role models 💚”.

Now it’s my turn to make others feel like millionaires 😊

Pass it on.

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