How Do You Compare?

Recently I spent two days at Alexandria Bay’s nude beach located in Noosa National Park. This has been a desire of mine to disrobe and be naked amongst other people for a long time now.

Before I go any further, I want to express my discontentment of how society has sexualized our bodies. Now it goes without saying, but I’ll clarify that the nude beach was for personal growth reasons.

Think about the history of clothes. It boils down to one of our most primitive needs – shelter. They once served the sole purpose of protection against the elements. Now look how far we’ve come, or did we regress?

Some may argue that our clothes choice has taken on a role of self expression, really showing off what our personalities may be. From that perspective, I agree.

More so than not, it’s more of a status symbol displaying a level of class, by being branded using this company or that. This doesn’t just go for clothes, but accessories and general items we use in our daily lives.

Let’s think of them as keys. They are a key for others to make a judgement or have a preconceived idea of who you are, or who someone else is without even needing to interact with them. Now is this a good or bad thing?


Sex. Sex sells. Wear these clothes and you’ll get laid. Buy this watch and that person will think you’re financially well off, and you’ll end up with them in the end. Rent this penthouse apartment and people will worship you. You get the idea. In my opinion, it’s sad.

These things that I have mentioned (amongst many more) are really killing the human experience. Our mere possessions are telling our story for us. Even worse, most of the time it’s not a accurate portrayal of who we are. I don’t like being misread, I’m sure you don’t want to be either.

What I have been arguing against may be someone’s saving grace. Clothes hide things. They may hide who you are, and they cover up our insecurities. In that regard, clothes are doing exactly what we want them to do, so why would we want to change it?

Try this on for size; I have insecurities. Many of them. I doubt you’d be surprised if I told you that probably most every person on this planet has a minimum of one insecurity. Or maybe, you wouldn’t believe me because you don’t know that many others are hiding the same thing(s) you are.

You are not alone.

So many businesses make their money off of peoples’ insecurities. Without the consumers spending money to cover up these “imperfections” then these corporations would go bankrupt. Truth is, they are damn good at their job, and their job is to make you feel lesser than you really are.

So why do I love the nude beach so much? It’s as simple as me looking over at that naked individual, and not having a clue of who they are. They can be a teacher, lawyer, plumber, judge, prime minister, landscaper.. I can go on all day. The only way to find out is to go have a conversation. How beautiful is that?

Take a look at this very well written piece:

After putting in the work to embrace our insecurities, you’ll realize how much of a weight is lifted off of our minds. That is the first step.

I’m not arguing that we should all go nude when the weather is nice. I’m also not saying to get rid of all your brand name items. I’m just saying that if you have questioned “how do I compare?”, then there may just be a simple solution.

Step 1. We need to change our mindset.

Step 2. We need to educate youth on how ridiculous comparisons are.

Step 3. Understand that we are the present and they are our future. Together we can change things.

One tragedy of life is that we tend to think our issues have complex solutions. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Here are few examples and possible basic fixes.

Uncomfortable with your naked body? – Go where naked bodies are. No not porn, but to nude beaches or to the public shower in your local recreation center. Cover photos on magazines or pictures in advertisements will always make you feel worse. Don’t convince yourself that they’re the correct standard of beauty.

Can’t afford those fancy clothes that everyone is wearing? – Go to a discount shop and get them cheaper if you want to look that certain way. Or as mentioned above, what you put on your body doesn’t define who you are. Work on your hobbies, and your kindness to others. Those things are much more fulfilling.

Your relationships don’t seem to be as good as your peers’? – Focus on what your relationship has, and not what it doesn’t. Invest in it and watch it grow. If it still doesn’t work out, then there’s a chance it wasn’t meant to be, and it was unhealthy for you to stay. Besides, many relationships nowadays tend to only exist for the Instagram “likes” anyways, so please don’t compare. You’re just looking at the surface. I ask you to work on yours deeply. Cultivating something beautiful requires patience and teamwork. You can do it.

Whatever your case may be, it always comes back to your heart. Possessions come and go, looks fade, styles change.. the true happiness comes from within, so if you work on what’s within you, and how you can positively impact others, you’ll learn that everything else is trivial. You’ll do less comparing, and more action. People won’t remember what others wore as much as how they made each other feel.

I comprehend how radical this idea is. As a society, we are constantly comparing, so it would be such a feat to completely flip the way of thinking of billions of people. My goal here is to influence just one person. One person and I’m successful.

Now it’s your turn 💚

What future do you want?

Sincerest love,

Jacob Pearson

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