Oasis or Library?

There really is something invigorating about carrying all that you want and need on your back. That’s what makes traveling so fun, the simplicity of it. The process to get to that point is so empowering; you get to decide what is important for this upcoming trip and what is not. There are many things to take into account: the capacity of your bag(s), how much weight you can carry, what the baggage limits are if you’re only flying carry-on, and maybe how long you’ll be away for. It boils down to the bare essentials for surviving everyday life on the road with an additional one or two luxuries.

Now you’re set. Life is good, people are beautiful, and there is so much mystery along the path ahead. But that’s why we do it, for that anticipation and adventure. Our hearts long for it and it’s hard to fill that tank within you designated for new experiences.

There is one thing that you can’t put on your back and that’s a library. Sounds kind of funny that one would think to include that in your pack but the real funny thing is believing you can make it around the world without a break.

That’s right. Libraries are a saving grace. I’ve had countless experiences where I’m traveling and you’re either worn out or you just don’t have anywhere to go. Libraries provide that refuge. They’re like a sanctuary from all of your hardships while on the road. I never really appreciated libraries so much until I was in a situation where I needed:

1. Water

2. A bathroom

3. Shelter from the weather

4. Electricity for your devices

5. A safe place to rest (yes, and fall asleep)

6. WiFi to connect with family and friends

7. A book to read and relax

8. Information about the area

9. A place to wash up (bathroom sinks are great for this)

10. Friendly, nonjudgmental people to talk to, always willing to help

Libraries don’t get enough credit. They play a key role in the health of a town. I like to play this game where I imagine myself living in each new place I visit. Would I be happy there? Is there enough going on? Would it be safe for my future children? (hopefully that’s a thing). Is the library well funded?

Haha, but seriously. Like schools, libraries are a haven of information. If a town doesn’t want to invest in the betterment of it’s people through them, then I’ll do what I do best; I’ll just be passing through. For those towns/cities that can afford to invest in a functional library and have, I thank you. I show my appreciation for myself and all other travelers like me who have felt your love.

Much love,

Jacob Pearson

The above photo is of the Beerwah Library in Beerwah Queensland, Australia overlooking a pond full of waterfowl.

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